Hello World!

Perhaps an introduction to the blog is in order. I can write brilliant, eloquent, well-researched masterpieces of articles, and valuable informative blog posts for clients left and right. But sometimes, I just need to write to express myself.

In this blog, you’ll find that there’s a little bit of everything. Sometimes, the blog posts I publish will have nothing to do with writing. I am also a mom, a wife, a dog rescuer, an avid DIYer, a gardener, a gamer, and a dreamer. I craft and create and get lost in my hyperfixations.

I am quirky and experience the world differently. These are all aspects that make me a great writer for other people’s businesses, however, it doesn’t always make for consistent content on my own blog.

I am hoping to organize my blogs with relevant tags, but I’m also a late-diagnosed autistic adult with ADHD and PTSD. Sometimes things don’t happen the way I plan. I hope you’ll be patient with me, and enjoy the ride.

Most importantly, I am me. Welcome to my chaos.

Published by Echo Mayernik | The Oak Anchor

Echo Mayernik is a PNW local content writer. She is known to her clients as being a Jill of All Trades. You can read more about her writing services and her background at The Oak Anchor. She lives and works in Portland, OR with her dog, partner, 3 kids, and big dreams. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses navigate the weird world of content marketing.

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