Social Media Management

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I am an elder millennial. I grew up on social media. An early adopter of the group chatrooms, eBay experimentalist, first-generation Myspace user (before it became about the music), Instagram photographer, Facebook follower, and consistent companion to my pocket friends all over the world.

All this to say, social media is second nature to me. Even so, I understand that marketing on social media can be a whole different beast to slay. And I’ve trained to bring that particular business monster to bear too.

What Exactly Does Social Media Management Entail?

Social Banter and Interaction

The intent of social media is to share an idea, concept, experience, or opportunity with your viewers. Successful social media is engaging, informative, valuable, and fun. The best social media posts will gain interaction and engagement.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

The demographics of each social platform vary, and so we have to understand how to communicate with our audience on a variety of platforms. I’ve spent years learning how to do just this.

Additionally, I work on the intensive hashtag and keyword planning for each client and their social media goals.

Consistency is key

We will use a post automation system to ensure that your readers will get the content they’re looking forward to on time.

On a monthly basis, this looks like planning posts based on the calendar with special consideration for holidays, seasonal celebrations, and industry events.

Coordinating Social to Website Closes Sales

When we can provide valuable information on your website, and use your social media platforms to attract and engage new potential clients to read that information, your business grows.

Each platform that draws readers to the site increases your chances of a sale or business partnership. Each post on social media offers an opportunity for search engines to find your products and services.

Quantifiable Results

With social media and website interactions, you can directly track the influence your social campaign has on your customer base and annual revenues.

Even if the numbers don’t jump overnight, we can use the results of each month’s campaign to increase the success of the following month. Learn. Adapt. Overcome.

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